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Pelbo Synchro 626

The Pelbo Synchro 626 is the newest, groundbreaking innovation in our processing product line. This technological masterpiece separates at 626 cases per hour without compromising the strictest food safety standards and it produces up to 225.360 eggs in one hour. The egg breaking system is designed to reach the highest capacity, in the industry, without the need to increase egg handling speed.



The Pelbo Synchro 626: Highest capacity - Highest product quality

An innovative feature is the newly designed zone washing system. This system guarantees sanitation of each component when connected to a CIP system, with high speed cleaning capsules and minimal consumption of water. Thanks to the Dynamic Auto Synchronisation the Pelbo Synchro 626 guarantees fast and easy maintenance.

Proven Pelbo egg breaking system offer:

  • Heavy duty stainless steel components
  • High yield and optimal separation
  • Highest standard in food safety
  • Cleaning in place