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Moba Coenraadts Egg Shell Centrifuge systems C430-V and C430-V-RB



Obtaining as much yield as possible from egg processing is vital. However, the shells that are released from the egg breaking machine still contain a small amount of remaining liquid. Collecting this ‘technical albumen’ however is worthwhile for various reasons:

  • Technical albumen represents a certain value, even though it is not suitable for human consumption.
  • Egg shells need to be pasteurized. This is generally done by heating. In order to reduce the amount of energy required for pasteurizing, shells should be presented as dry as possible.

C430-V:    Specifically designed to process empty shells from an egg breaking plant
C430-V-RB: Engineered to be able to handle whole eggs as well. This centrifuge has a dosing unit mounted on top of the actual centrifuge. The dosing system regulates the amount of whole eggs that can fall into the centrifuge and makes it possible to use the centrifuge in an egg grading environment as well.