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CEB Breakers

10,800 - 43,200 eggs/hour

These breakers still claim their place in the industry, especially for processing weak-shelled and off-size (very small or big) eggs. The unique pneumatic cracker design ensures that during breaking every egg, regardless of its size, is held in place with exactly the right pressure. 'No breaks' simply do not occur.

Type CEB108 CEB216 CEB432
Capacity (eph) 10,800 21,600 43,200
Capacity (cph) 30 60 120
Rows 3 6 12
Whole egg Yes Yes Yes
Optional separation (chutes) Yes Yes Yes
Optional Albumaster (yolk scanner) No No Yes
Inline possibility Yes Yes Yes
Offline Manual loading Yes Yes No
Offline single tray loader CEO108 CEO216 CEO432
Offline destacker loader No CAL216 CAL216/2