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Pelbo becomes a member of the Moba Group

We decided to join forces with Pelbo, a leading and innovative manufacturer of equipment for the egg-breaking and processing market with an excellent reputation.

In recent years, we gradually developed our activities for the egg-breaking and processing market. In an ongoing effort to expand our product portfolio and strengthen our services for our customers, the Moba Group b.v. has incorporated Pelbo.


Paul de Schouwer, Sales Director of the Moba Group, explains, “This acquisition enables us to create a significant expansion of our production and service capabilities worldwide. Over the next year, we will convert our organisation into knowledge and production centres, each with a specific focus. In Brugherio, Italy, we will focus on egg processing.”       

Fabio Gualtieri, Sales Director of Pelbo, is excited about joining forces. He comments, “The fact that Moba will concentrate its development and manufacturing activities for the egg processing market in Brugherio empowers us to bring more innovations to the market. Moba’s sales organization will make Pelbo’s breaking technology available worldwide. This merger first and foremost gives us access to Moba’s extensive worldwide service network, thereby guaranteeing our customers unparalleled support.”

This integration enables us to continue our philosophy of being a ‘one stop shop’ for the egg market.