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The brand new innovation in the Moba Robotics series is the Twin Case Packer MR 12. With its 2 independent robots and the Flexgripper the MR 12 offers the key to the most efficient way of case packing combined with the best possible egg handling. All functions are implemented in a very compact enclosure.


A 180 cases per hour: Highest capacity – Smallest footprint

The MR 12 is a Twin Case Packer robotic system especially designed for the high demanding market in the egg industry. A special and unique feature of the MR 12 is the ability to process 2 independent products. Both channels of the MR 12 can operate independently what makes this system very flexible. By using both channels on different grades, a very high and constant throughput in relation to floor space can be reached.


  • 2 independent case packers in one frame
  • Seamlessly integrates with one block of Omnia packing lanes
  • Handles both trays and consumer packs
  • Can also be used via Contiflow logistics
  • Flexgripper saves eggs during packing process; lowest possible number of cracks thanks to arch-forming gripper blades.
  • Capacity up to 180 cases/hour (90 cph per channel)
  • E-Cabinets above the line of sight results in optimal view on packing process.


The Twin Case Packer at work


The MR 12 can be equipped with following functions

  • Extended gravity conveyor for manual input of empty cases
  • Connection to a compact case erector
  • Open pack reject conveyor for inline configuration
  • Straight forward case alignment unit
  • Smart cross-over for consumer packs and trays to connect to Contiflow
  • Packsplitter

We are working with Moba Robot systems now for more than 2 years. The reliability and integration with logistics and the grader were reason for us to invest in automation. We see an ongoing trend with Moba to keep innovating in further packing behind graders.

The MR 12 is a perfect example:
The two robot systems built into one compact machine is a great idea. It is the smallest possible footprint for the cell to process up to 180cph and the fact that 2 robots are totally independent gives us optimal flexibility. We are happy to test the very first version of MR 12 and we are sure that this innovation will change the market.”

Jerry Hall – Hickman’s Family Farms
Processing Director