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200 FPX Farmpacker

72,000 eggs/hour

200 cases/hour

200 FPX Farmpacker

The 200 FPX Farmpacker can pack up to 72,000 eggs per hour.  It features an all new servo drive system and an interactive touchscreen display which allows various machine functions to be accessed easily. 

The servo system on the 200 FPX farmpacker controls the pusher motion. Both the main pusher section and the cross pusher section have individual servo motors, which allow the pushers to accelerate as they start to move the tray into the proper position for receiving the eggs, and then decelerate right before it stops to assure that the tray is in the correct position for egg placement. Just like the Diamond 100 FPX farmpacker, all tray index settings can be accessed through the HMI (Human machine interface) by selecting the desired tray settings from the list. Once the correct settings for the tray are selected, and the machine is in operation, the pushers advance the tray to the ideal cell location for egg positioning into the trays. All screens including settings and service can be easily accessed through the HMI. The low tray warning feature alerts you to add trays to the denester before they run out.