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1947 Job Mosterd starts "Moba" and invents his first grading-machine.
1970 Moba markets the first machine that can not only grade but also automatically pack eggs; the Moba 2000. Moba 2000
1984 The first computerised machine is introduced: the Moba 6000.
1993 The historical introduction of the first  machine in which the dependable principles of individual product handling are combined with modern computer techniques: Omnia is born. omnia screen
1997 Moba opens a sales and service office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This sattelite location will from now on serve as the regional Sales and Service base for the Asia-pacific region.
2000 Moba realises that the packing station in the future will become one integrated and fully automated process and started the Autopack program to reach this goal. Moba's mission: "From machine builder to solution provider".
2001 Moba opens a sales and service office in Kobe, Japan. moba japan
2003 Introduction of the Omnia XF, the basis for the introduction of food technology in egg graders.
2006 Moba Group establishes a sales, service and production location in Beijing, China. China
2006 Introduction of Omnia FT with a complete foamable and high pressure cleanable infeed. OMNIA FT
2007 The Moba Group acquires Diamond. All American activities are combined under the name "Diamond Moba Americas" one year later.
2010 Start of the Moba Robotics program, a further step in Moba's Autopack product line leading to total solutions. MR40
2012 The Moba Group continues the activities of Coenraadts processing equipment under the name "Moba Coenraadts". coenraadts
2012 Moba Group opens its own office in Germany: Moba Deutschland GmbH.