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Moba (Headoffice)


Barneveld, the Netherlands

The Headoffice of Moba is located in Barneveld, where the development, production, sales and service of the machines takes place. Over 330 skilled people are working in Barneveld. In addition, Moba has service and sales offices in America, Malaysia, Japan, China, England and Germany. Our entire international team comes to a small 550 colleagues. With our offices and a worldwide network of agents, we are active in more than 60 countries.

Moba b.v. (Headoffice)
P.O.Box 7 3770 AA Barneveld
Stationsweg 117, 3771 VE, Barneveld, The Netherlands 
Phone 31 342 455 655 
Fax 31 342 455 634
Trade register 09042296
Email sales@moba.nl